Hello world!

It’s been a while and now I’m back.

Happy 17th of August Indonesia! Yeah!
I still have that spirit and soul, since 2 days ago I posted it as a breaking post (as I called) and I did write it in Indonesia.
Which is I’m glad that I could write in Indonesia and talk about politics (mostly)! And of course I could write in Indonesia since I’m Indonesian.

Here’s a thing.
I have this kind of issue in me and I guess everyone have either.
I like to write (not too much, and not less, just say it I like).
I got many influenced to write everything I want to write (especially for this blog), and sometimes I think should I write a book or a novel?
When I decided I want too, the hardest part of becoming one of that thing come to my life without any greetings.

I want to write in english for a novel or a book and I have no confidence in my grammar and this is very bad.
Even when I write something for this blog, I still need auto correct for me to know where and what is wrong in the post.
And yeah, I was very tempted to write in english and I did write some fiction novel (I called it as a scratch or draft?) and its kind of embarrassing for me.
I never show it to other people except a writing contest and I never get to the finalist.

So, I decided to write in Indonesia.
I did write a scratch about (4 or 5 chapters) already, and I have no confidence to continue it.
I don’t know why, but I haven’t decided the genre yet.
That’s my problem and I need to fix it!
And from any information I got from internet, to publish a book (in Indonesia) you need to send all the writing by yourself to the office, and the announcement is about 3 month!
Long enough to know my writing is worth it or not.

And I hate to print all the stuff.
I mean, internet was created for something like this.
You could just send it via email and everything is just done tho.
But, I can’t protest since I’m just an author dreamer or a random blog writer (if I could say).

For the last reason I have no confidence in writing a book is I’m so stuck with inspiration.
I mean, when I write something and it already long enough (from my point of view), I don’t know what to write anymore.
It just like all the words disappear from my mind and my fingers just resting from the all night working.
That’s how my scratched ending even the ending isn’t done yet.

What I want to say is,
I guess I’m still comfortable with blogging and write a short stories or my inner voice.
And I’m not ready yet to start a big walk of writing.
I’m learning and I’m not give up yet!

Which is lead me to this way,
if you are just like me, just do what you think you can do and you are in a ready position.
But if you aren’t ready yet, make a little scratched would help you with anything you write about.
And to be honest, the originality of stories is kind of hard to find!

See ya with another blog! :p

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